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Three Benefits That Are Offered By Fixed Indexed Annuities When It Comes Time To File Taxes

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You can get more out of the money you earn if you can cut back on the taxes that you’re liable for. When it comes to annuities that are part of your retirement plan, it’s important to realize that there are many tax advantages you can enjoy. While a fixed indexed annuity is generally just a supplement to a main retirement plan, it offers great potentials for improving a retiree’s quality of life with supplemental income that can take advantage of market growth while protecting funds from taxes. Read More»

How To See Through The Clutter Of Alternative Investments

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As you begin to think about adding alternative investments to your portfolio, you should begin thinking about what that will entail. There are so many different options in this asset class, and it can be difficult to see through the “clutter” of the myriad options available to you. Some of the legitimate opportunities, including venture capital, real estate, and precious metals are only a fraction of what is available. You may be struggling with organizing the wealth of information and offerings. Read More»

5 Tips To Help Women Create Their Best Financial Plan

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If you’re a woman looking to manage your finances and plan for your future, seeking professional help from a certified financial planner is a great way to ensure success. But few women – about 7% – feel “confident” about their ability to retire comfortably and only 35% work with a professional planner. So, how can you get the right help and improve your own financial picture? Here are 5 tips for any woman. Read More»

Pros And Cons Of An IRA Rollover

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As part of managing your retirement accounts, you need to occasionally review your accounts and possibly make changes that could have a drastic impact on your future. One of those is determining whether or not an IRA rollover is the right move for you. If you are considering it, here is what you need to know.  Is an IRA Rollover Right for You? An IRA rollover involves moving your retirement funds from a 401(k) into an individual retirement account. Read More»